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The Ghost of Wyvern Lake Cover

The Ghost of Wyvern Lake by Sheila A. Nielson

Outsiders say Wyvern is a sleepy little town—they couldn’t be more wrong. 

Wyvern is filled with the strange and unknown. Things we don’t talk about with outsiders. But among ourselves, stories are whispered about the past; sightings of supernatural beings that may guard—or threaten—the town are a regular occurrence; and gossip about those of us with a little too much luck, good or bad, flies like snowflakes in a blizzard. 

Yes, there are secrets hidden in the shadows of Wyvern. Mysteries creep their way through our forest, sit at the bottom of our wells, and impatiently wait for revenge at the bottom of the lake. 

When the fish keep dying in Wyvern Lake, the owner of the nearby campground has the lake drained to discover the cause. This act unearths a centuries-old church with a very angry ghost trapped inside. 

On Halloween night, 14-year-old Jayne accidentally sets in motion the very thing the ghost needs to escape her prison and enact revenge on the entire town. Teaming up with Tamille, her best friend, and Haddon, the new boy at school, they form a team to seek out the secrets of Wyvern and and the power to confront the ghost. 

But are the bonds of friendship and the courage they inspire strong enough to stop the supernatural havoc that is about to unleash itself on the unwitting citizens of Wyvern?

Join an all new cast of young characters on the adventure of a lifetime in a small town called Wyvern—the most mysterious place on Earth. Where the unexpected happens nearly every day.

A middle grade supernatural ghost story and adventure from Revello Press.