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Join our Happy Homeschool Giveaway!

What is it?

A November giveaway promotion to build our email lists and sales on Amazon through cross-promotion with other homeschooling authors or creators.

Theme: Happy Homeschoolers. Books on homeschooling, curriculum, or other products that help or are of interest to homeschooling parents.

When: November 9 -15, 2021 (that’s Tuesday through Monday)

How does it work?

Rafflecopter: Participants will earn points through a Rafflecopter form. They will get one point for each of the entries, which will be chosen by YOU, the sponsoring authors. (I recommend newsletter subscribe and Book Bub or Amazon follows, but it’s up to you.)

Participants also get 2 extra points for any sponsoring book/product they purchase during the promo. They will need to forward their Amazon confirmation email or screenshot to me at

At the end of the promo, I’ll randomly draw a Grand Prize winner and winners of a copy of sponsoring books or products.

Grand Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card. (If we get 20 authors to join, we’ll up the prize to  $150.)

Other  Prizes: Each sponsoring author will give away one copy of their book or product. (You pick the format.)

What does the author have to do?

Complete a form: The form is short and simple. Once we’ve determined that your book or product is a good fit, we’ll send a PayPal invoice from InkSplasher/Revello Press. If it’s not a fit, or if our spaces fill up, I’ll let you know via email.

Pay the fee: It’s $10 per book, with a limit of 1 book/product per author/pen name. (If you are a co-author, you can have a spot and your co-author can have a spot for a different product.) That gets you two Rafflecopter options, a spot in our promo gallery with a link to Amazon, and cross-promotion via newsletters and social media posts by all sponsoring authors.

Deadlines: Forms and fees must be submitted by November 1, 2021.

Newsletters & Social Media: All sponsoring authors/creators are expected to help promote the giveaway via newsletters and social media posts. Artwork and links will  be provided for you to share.

  • Newsletters: Plan to send one out early on Nov 9th or 10th encouraging your subscribers to come play. We also strongly suggest you send another out November 15th, reminding them it’s the last day to enter.
  • Social Media: Post about the giveaway at least twice on all your social media accounts, one near the beginning, one near the end. You can post more often if you  want.

After the party: I will randomly select winners and send contact information for the  winner of your  book/product. It’s expected that you will  contact the winner and work out the details of sending their prize.

Other Details and Fine Print

Early Birds get more: Authors/creators will be listed in the Rafflecopter according to when they submit the form. If we have 20 authors, there could be as many as 40 items in the Rafflecopter. Those at the top of the list will most likely get more subscribers than those at the bottom. 

Amazon: Your book/product must be live on Amazon. Pre-orders are okay, as long as they will release BEFORE November 9th.

Original Book/Product: Your book/product must be created by you. No MLM/direct marketing products. No curriculum or product by a creator or business that is not personally owned by you.

Book Pricing: Ebooks should be on sale for no more than $2.99. Print and audio pricing is up to you, but  this would be a good time to discount if you can.

Giveaway Info and Rafflecopter form will be hosted on the Revello Press website. There will also be a gallery of sponsoring books with links to Amazon (my affiliate link).

Extra Money: Any money over and above the cost of the Gift Card will be used to cover Revello Press overhead for hosting the event, tracking everything, and creating the promotional images.

Any  questions?

Email me at